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We believe telling the stories of individuals (well-known and not so well known) who exemplify the belief that the common good is what holds us together – body and soul – is more important today than ever before.  We hope these brief profiles and wisdom voices will remind us of what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said:  “We must all learn to live together as brothers–or we will all perish together as fools.”

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Paul Robeson: Committed To Fundamental Social Change

What must it have been like 100 years ago to be the only African-America male entering the class of 1919 at Rutgers University? As the summer of 2014 winds down — after the tragedy of Ferguson, Missouri — and our next college generation heads back to campuses, we paused to reflect on the greatness of Paul Robeson and to remember that our racial history does not disappear simply because we want it to do so. Continue reading

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Blue Jeans In High Places: Building A Home For The Politically Homeless

Mike McCabe’s new book, Blue Jeans In High Places: The Coming Makeover Of American Politics, offers ways to break out of the political entrapment of our current two-party system. “I came to the conclusion that this is a moment that cries out for some political game changers.” As he describes, we have one party that’s scary and another that is scared. Read more about the “One Party Movement” as detailed in his new book. Continue reading

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Vibrant (Local) Progressive Talk Radio: One Voice Helping To Keep It Strong

AM950, The Progressive Voice of Minnesota provides a strong presence in progressive radio today and its morning show host Matt McNeil has developed a solid listener base as he blends the right mix of local and national conversations that engage and educate listeners. “I’m not a wonk, but I care about local issues because it affects us all.” Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders: Sounding The Wake Up Call To Save Our Democracy

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has issued a wake up call and a challenge to all of us to save our democracy from the overreach of the billionaires who have been given free reign to buy the U.S. Government based on the disastrous Supreme Court Citizens United ruling. Sen. Sanders gives us a history lesson on how we got to this point and what we can to to turn the tide. His wisdom voice rings loud and clear as our May Progressive Profile. Continue reading

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Minnesota Peace Project: A Model For All 50 States

The Minnesota Peace Project works diligently with its state’s Congressional delegation to help affect change and move us to a more peaceful and non-violent world. Peace is a non-partisan issue and the group has effectively used the art of listening as they work with Democratic and Republican representatives. “We don’t assume anything about anyone,” said MPP co-founder Roxanne Abbas. Continue reading

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David Bender: Traveling The Long & Winding Progressive Road

David Bender has walked the walk and the talk of the American Progressive Movement for more than 40 years. We kick off our 2014 Progressive Profiles with a “must read” interview in which he articulates an historical perspective as well as discussing his newest venture, Progressive Continue reading

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The Continual Struggle For A ‘Living Wage’

The struggle continues today to bring “A Living Wage” to workers. In 1906 John Ryan became a strong and ardent advocate for a living wage and distributive justice. If he were alive today, his deeply researched writing could be tweeted simply: @Living Wage. Greed benefits no one. Read more about this passionate progressive who fought off those of our last Gilded Age. Our November Progressive Profile: Rev. John Ryan. Continue reading

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Donna Smith: Pushing For The Real Health Care Victory of Single Payer

It’s October 2013 and finally the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) state exchanges are up and running. What better time to begin the work for what’s really needed—a single payer health care system for the United States. We are delighted to offer the wisdom of Donna Smith, from Health Care for All Colorado, who is one of the strongest advocates for such a system. Continue reading

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Wendell Potter: Talking Truth About The ACA

As we move closer to implementation of the Affordable Care Act, it’s important to stay informed and know the facts. There is no one better to help spread the truth about the ACA than Wendell Potter. We are proud to have had the opportunity to interview him in 2012 (before the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the ACA)…his words are as relevant today as they were then. We are pleased to feature this great wisdom voice again as our September 2013 Progressive Profile. Continue reading

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July Progressive Profile: Remembering The Power of One Woman

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis channels the history and power of Ida Tarbell. More than 100 years ago, Tarbell mesmerized the nation with her “muckraking” journalism which exposed the corruption behind John D. Rockefeller’s rise to power. She is our July Progressive Profile. Continue reading

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