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July Profile: Mike McCabe

In the face of mounting corporate funding for political campaigns, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is fighting back offering a template for action. Executive Director Mike McCabe offers great insights into what we all can do. Continue reading

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June Profile: Hubert H. Humphrey

Republican Senate Filibusters. Inability to act. Stalemate. Hostage Taking. Pick whatever words you want to describe the dysfunction in our government these days. The issues today are no more complex or divisive than at other times in our history. What’s changed is how we address the issues. It may serve us all well to take a quick look back at one segment in the life of the great Hubert Humphrey to gain a bit of insight into what compromise, statesmanship, and government effectiveness resembled. Our June Progressive Profile provides that avenue. Continue reading

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Make American Jobs The Agenda

The Speakout for Good Jobs Now tour officially kicked off June 18th in Minneapolis at the historic Wesley Church, which sits next to the Minneapolis Convention Center that was hosting this year’s Netroots Nation national convention.  The initial tour event … Continue reading

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Keep Fighting Wisconsin

Wisconsin continues to make headlines across the nation.  The battle for working people, progressive ideals and a democracy “for the people” vs. “for the corporations” continues.  It will not end soon.  I had the priviledge of being in Madison on Sunday June … Continue reading

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