About Us

The staff of Wisdom Voices has the benefit of several decades of living, working and participating in the American democratic experiment. We have also been a part of the ever changing spiritual and environmental landscape of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.  We participated in the first Earth Day.  And we rejoiced and embraced the “opened windows” that brought new ideas to religious conversations.

We have lived through the horror of assassinations in the 1960s, needless wars from Vietnam to Iraq.  We have been eye-witnesses to the decimation of the middle class.  And we have seen the bright light of environmental, religious, and social progressivism dimmed.

At the same time, we have observed incredible instances of courage, truth and justice. These sentiments give us hope for the future, against all the odds.  And it is these examples which make up Wisdom Voices that we wish to share with you.

Professional Experience

Our professional experience includes a combined 50+ years in communications.    The breadth and depth of our communication and marketing background includes:

  • Writing, editing and publishing of a national award-winning book
  • Providing marketing communications for corporate and non-profit clients
  • Writing and providing editorial oversight for national trade publications
  • Reporting, writing, and editing on daily newspapers across the country

Contact us at info@wisdomvoices.com.

Joanne Boyer

Joanne Boyer is founder and editor of Wisdom Voices Press and blogs at www.WisdomVoices.com. Her first book is Wisdom of Progressive Voices. She grew up in a middle class family who provided her with a mixture of public and private education.  Joanne graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (BA Mass Communication) and was a trailblazer in the daily newspaper industry of the mid 1970s as she became the first woman sports writer for several daily newspapers. She advocates for peace and social and environmental justice.  Contact Joanne at joanne@wisdomvoices.com.

Wisdom Voices Press

Wisdom Voices Press is an independent publishing firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We are dedicated to writing, editing, and publishing books that feature the wisdom of “forward thinkers” – whether famous or little known. Each book we publish is deeply rooted in the belief the human spirit progresses when we listen to the wisdom that surrounds us and has proceeded us.

The Wisdom Voices Book Series

The primary vehicle of disseminating these “forward thinkers” is The Wisdom Voices Series. These books feature condensed biographies and select quotes from speeches and writings of those who have spoken with wisdom and couage in  political, spiritual, environmental and creative settings.

The first book in the series is Wisdom of Progressive Voices — a collection that highlights the lives and quotes of some of the most inspirational progressive leaders our country has known.  The book captures the essence of those who have spoken with courage and vision and who have fought to “progress” this country forward from the advent of the American Progressive Movement from the late 19th century until today.