Searching for Sugar Man: Thanks For Keeping Me Alive

I needed a break from the craziness of these final election days.  The world turned upside down that is now our everyday life here in American politics has pushed me to my limits.  Wednesday I turned off the talk radio and the TV and went to see a movie recommended by a dear friend.

What a miracle that was.  Searching for Sugar Man.  It is a movie to uplift the spirit, to remind one that all things are possible, to remember that no one has the answers to much of anything and that yes, the survival of the soul is far more important than any amount of money one could ever accumulate.

Searching for Sugar Man is mostly playing in “alternative” theaters and although the making of the film was recently featured on 60 minutes, the movie remains a relative unknown to most movie goers – and even to some die-hard music fans. This documentary on the story of the life of Rodriguez is representative of the human spirit and what’s possible.

Could there be a better message as we await the outcome of what has seemed like a nightmare of a presidential election cycle.  Yes, we will survive the election of Mitt Romney if that happens and yes, if President Obama is elected we will still need to lift our souls and search within to create a people’s movement that will challenge the president.  We have survived the re-election of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and we fight on to beat back the assault on our democracy now disguised as voter ID laws.

Searching for Sugar Man will remind you that every day is precious; that reality and dreams are what all of our lives are about and joy can be found in each and every day of our lives no matter if “acceptance” of who we are ever comes.

I invite you to watch the movie trailer and treat yourself to a miracle of a movie.


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