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We at Wisdom Voices want to share links to other sites and stories from other sites that carry on the wisdom of forward thinkers. Listed below are our recommended stories and sites. If you would like to suggest another site to us, please let us know.

A Time To Remember The Origins Of Bernie 2016

Jim Hightower once referred to Bernie Sanders as “Tim Carpenter with a Brooklyn accent and a Senate seat.” As Bernie 2016 rightfully gains in popularity and poll numbers, now is a good time to remember the origins of all of this. Without Tim Carpenter and Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) starting the idea of “Run Bernie Run” there wouldn’t be this wonderful political revolution happening. Things of this nature don’t “just happen.” There are people who had the wisdom to see the future and believe in the possibilities. Tim Carpenter was such a man. Continue reading

Campaign for a Healthy California

Campaign for a Health California is actively working to keep health care reform moving past the ACA toward a Medicare For All system. Read more about this coalition of great labor and health care activists working for the betterment of people. Continue reading

The Advancement Project

There are few organizations who are doing more than The Advancement Project to fight back against Republican-controlled state legislatures trying to push voter photo ID laws.  Their web site is full of research-based information that documents these attacks as being … Continue reading


The BRAD BLOG is the premier site for information on overall election integrity.  The BRAD BLOG is the top watch dog for protecting our most basic democratic right — the right to vote.  The BRAD BLOG also features an investigative … Continue reading

On The Commons

In the introduction to our book Wisdom of Progressive Voices, we included “voices that look for common ground” as one of the basic principles that moves us forward as a people.  Common ground, we said, is what holds us together.  … Continue reading

Prairie Progressive

Prairie Progressive offers readers an incredible review of books and other literature that is a treasure trove for any dedicated reader. It is a blog about books, reading and other things that bring nuance to life. Continue reading

Winning Progressive

Winning Progressive offers great articles and wonderful suggested weekend reading lists. Progressives everywhere should check it out. Continue reading