Wisdom Voices Spotlight

Welcome to our new features page.  We are expanding our coverage to highlight those around the country who continue to do the everyday work of bringing economic, social and environmental justice to our world.  We hope their stories inspire you and keep you engaged in the work that needs to be done to bring about a more peaceful and just world focused on the human connectedness of all.

“Ultimately, we have a responsibility to stand up for human values and justice in every part of our lives

–Stewart Acuff, Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO


Remembering History To Build ‘A New Journalism For A New Age’

Wendell Potter spent his career helping corporate America lie to protect profits. Now, he’s on the other side, launching Tarbell to give Americans a voice in a political debate dominated by special interests. Find out how you can support his efforts. Continue reading

Working To Curb Hatred: The Day After The 2014 Elections

Of the many reasons one can offer up for what happened in the 2014 mid-term elections, have you asked yourself what part hatred and fear played among the electorate? A nagging feeling we had that “something was different” about these 2014 results was shared by the co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s co-founder Morris Dees. This incredible man who has spent nearly all of his adult life fighting against hatred and fear shared his insights the day after the election. Continue reading

The Grass Roots Fight For A Living Wage

Jennifer Epps-Addison, Executive Director of Wisconsin Jobs Now offers hope for a future that includes a “living wage” for U.S. workers. “The challenge is to help everyday people have their voices heard because unfettered, unlimited money in politics has really corrupted the idea of one person/one vote and every voice counting.” We dare you to find just one “favorite quote” from this remarkable activist working to make the world a better place. Continue reading

Who’s Talking Single Payer? A Lot of People and Organizations

So who’s talking about single payer these days? If you look closely, it seems like a lot of folks and organizations. Don’t think for an instant that the push for single payer has left the discussion about health care reform. In the post-ACA implementation world, the voices calling for sanity in our health care delivery system are stronger than ever. Continue reading

Progressive Democrats of America: Doing The Everyday Hard Work for The Common Good

PDA Executive Director Tim Carpenter talks about PDA’s “inside and outside” strategy to create a more progressive conversation and government. He reflects back on the past nine years and looks ahead at the work that remains. Continue reading

Mercy Killers: The Drama of Real Life Health Care In The U.S.

Actor and play write Michael Milligan crystallizes the pain of our American health care system in his one person play Mercy Killers. Milligan walks us through the how and why he developed this thought-provoking play and his hopes for continued heath care reform that ultimately leads to single payer. Continue reading

Single Payer: Moving Forward State-by-State

Whatever the Supreme Court decides regarding the Affordable Health Care Act, the move to single payer is on in several states — including Minnesota. Read more about what one dedicated organization is doing to move us toward real coverage for all. Continue reading

‘A Community To Which We Belong’

We are proud to feature the Aldo Leopold Foundation in our Wisdom Voices Spotlight. Their new DVD, Green Fire, introduces a 21st century audience to one of the most influential persons of the 20th century. Continue reading

The Advancement Project: On The Front Lines of the Voter ID Battle

Voter photo ID laws laws are part of comprehensive campaign to deny the vote to millions for partisan gain – essentially sacrificing the health of our democracy to win elections. So says Judith Browne Dianis, co-director of The Advancement Project. Read our interview with her in Wisdom Voices Spotlight to learn more about this issue and how to fight back against this assault on our democracy. Continue reading

On The Commons: It’s About ‘We’ Not Just ‘Me’

On the Commons, an organization dedicated to promoting and trumpeting all that we share, is featured in Wisdom Voices Spotlight. Learn more about this incredible organization reminding us that not everything in life is measured by a price tag or its market value. Continue reading