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On, Wisconsin: The Legacy of “Fighting Bob” LaFollette

What has transpired in Madison, Wisconsin, this past week is nothing less than amazing, astounding and inspiring.  The nation, and the world, has watched as tens of thousands of marchers and protesters fight Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting attempts.  As a … Continue reading

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February Profile: Louis Brandeis

The notion of the common good underlies most of the 20thcentury social programs we have known. The common good is also the basis of the rule of law that has served to govern man for centuries. Perhaps no one was able to combine the wisdom and intellect of the law with the understanding of the importance of the common good better than Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis. Continue reading

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OpEdNews Runs Article On Telling Our Progressive Stories

It was gratifying to see that OpEdNews picked up my article on the important role storytelling plays in remembering our progressive roots.  We need to reclaim our own personal histories and how we all benefited from the work of those who … Continue reading

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