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August Profile: Sister Simone Campbell

The Nuns On The Bus Tour sparked a discussion about social and economic justice and cut to the root of the debate in our country today. Sister Simone Campbell calls individualism an ‘unpatriotic lie.’ Read more about her reflections and next steps as we feature Sister Simone as our August Progressive Profile. Continue reading

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We Are Not Made For War

Those who promote war will not simply go away because we wish it to be so. Activism and non-violent resistance to the forces that promote war has been the only way, whether in the 1920s, the 1960s, or today. Father Roy Bourgeois reminded the audience at the 10th annual Peacestock gathering that “we are not made for war.” Continue reading

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The Lie of Voter Fraud Hits Minnesota

The lie of voter fraud has come to Minnesota via a state constitutional amendment pushed there by a Republican-controlled legislature. It could deny more than 500,000 eligible voters the right to cast a ballot. The state Supreme Court is debating whether to let the amendment stand as written. Continue reading

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