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Mercy Killers: The Drama of Real Life Health Care In The U.S.

Actor and play write Michael Milligan crystallizes the pain of our American health care system in his one person play Mercy Killers. Milligan walks us through the how and why he developed this thought-provoking play and his hopes for continued heath care reform that ultimately leads to single payer. Continue reading

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‘Let Me Vote’: The Breadth and Depth of Voter Suppression Should Scare Us All

Citizens United is squeezing democracy on one end of the spectrum. Legislating to keep people away from the polls is squeezing democracy from the other. The breadth and depth of voter suppression should scare all of us into action to stop it. Continue reading

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‘Not Everyone’s Life Is Just Like Yours’: Trying To Get A Voter ID

One of the constant replies I receive when talking to people about the so-called Voter ID laws now running rampant in our country is, “I just don’t believe people can’t get ID.”  My instant response usually goes, “No, it is … Continue reading

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September Profile: David Cobb

It was only natural that David Cobb would be one of the leaders/founders of Move To Amend. His work to overturn Citizens United by amending the U.S. Constitution to say corporations are not people and money is not speech is a natural extension of his life dedicated to organizing and activism for social and economic justice. We feature David as our September Progressive Profile. Continue reading

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