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July Profile: Wendell Potter

Wendell Potter is one of the few today who have the inside knowledge and understanding of just how the health insurance industry is able to manipulate the messaging and therefore the general public’s lack of understanding to what’s going on within the for-profit health insurance industry. His ‘wisdom voice’ provides great insights for all of us. Continue reading

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Anyone Interested In Taking On For-Profit Insurers?

Will single payer ever become a reality in the United States? Wendell Potter shared a few of his thoughts at the Health Care for All Minnesota Summer Celebration and the work needed to make it a reality. Continue reading

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Single Payer: Moving Forward State-by-State

Whatever the Supreme Court decides regarding the Affordable Health Care Act, the move to single payer is on in several states — including Minnesota. Read more about what one dedicated organization is doing to move us toward real coverage for all. Continue reading

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June Profile: David Swanson

The “victory” of activism may not come for generations. But that’s no reason to give up on the pursuit for economic and social justice. David Swanson shares his wisdom about his life-long activism and the joy it brings. Continue reading

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Wisconsin’s Final Recall Hours: From Jackson Browne, To Phone Banks, To Voting

Tuesday will hopefully bring an end to Scott Walker and his Wisconsin-tradition busting. It won’t be easy. Those who grab power through lies and deceit never go quietly into the night. The Wisconsin recall is about so much more than unions. Continue reading

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