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A Look Back in History As We Await The Next Occupy Movement

How different are the times we live in from those of past generations?  Are the challenges we face today of the 99 percent vs. the 1 percent or the overtaking of government rule by millionaires and billionaires that much different … Continue reading

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March Profile: Eugene V. Debs

As we await a spring revival of the Occupy Movement, a look back at the life and times of Eugene V. Debs reminds us that the fight for the 99 percent has long been waged. Read our March Progressive Profile and ask yourself if his words from nearly 100 years ago don’t ring just as true in 2012. Continue reading

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The Fraud of ‘Voter Fraud’

Elections cannot be free and fair unless they are open to every eligible voter. Photo ID requirements erode the integrity of elections. Just why are all these photo ID laws being passed in Republican-controlled legislatures across the country? Continue reading

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Playing Bigger Than You Are: No One Said It Was Going To Be Easy

Of the many lessons woven throughout Stewart Acuff’s book Playing Bigger Than You Are:  A Life in Organizing (Levins Publishing, Minneapolis) is the valuable perspective he shares about the day-in and day-out work that is the reality of union organizing. … Continue reading

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February Profile: John Dear, S.J.

John Dear, S.J., international nonviolence and peace activist, reflects on his life’s work, the role of nonviolence in today’s world and his life-changing new book. We are honored to feature him as our February Progressive Profile. Continue reading

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