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May Profile: Edward R. Murrow

Much has been written since President Barak Obama released his “long form” birth certificate at the end of April. Pick your topic on what riled you most: the blatant racism that was the undertone of this story from the beginning; the ignorance of the people who bought into the innuendo and rumor. For me, it was the demise of the role of journalism. Once considered “the Fourth Estate” for its vital role in providing checks and balances on all of government, today’s so-called well-educated members of the major print and electronic media have fallen far from what their role should be. How was it that “journalists” kept this story alive and failed to do the hard-hitting reporting that is the foundation of their profession? This non-story should never have been elevated to the status it had. Continue reading

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Fighting Bob Fest North: The Progressive Voice Will Not Be Silenced

I love my native state of Wisconsin.  And I will bear with her as she goes through this schizophrenic part of her history.  As difficult as that may be.  This week was another case in point.  Wisconsin is home to … Continue reading

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Celebrating A Life of Justice, Honesty and Service

There was an amazing 50th birthday party for Jeff Blodgett last Friday (May 6) in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The in-person guests – to name a few – included: Former Vice President Walter Mondale U.S. Senator Amy Klobachar Frannie Franken, wife … Continue reading

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An Evening of Progressive Voices

I was privileged to be a part of what I hope will be the first of many “Evening of Progressive Voices” on April 26 as part of the Recall Alberta Darling efforts underway in the Milwaukee (Wisconsin) area.  Darling is … Continue reading

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