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Single Payer: The ACA Will Not Silence Their Efforts

The noise from the national political right continues to promote: Elect us and we’ll repeal Obamacare. Again and again we see them try even now in the U.S. House of Representatives. Some Republican governors (Scott Walker in Wisconsin) garner headlines … Continue reading

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Campaign for a Healthy California

Campaign for a Health California is actively working to keep health care reform moving past the ACA toward a Medicare For All system. Read more about this coalition of great labor and health care activists working for the betterment of people. Continue reading

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The Affordable Care Act: My Journey To Full Implementation

We’re six months away from full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. I plan to blog regularly on what that means for someone without meaningful insurance coverage and a pre-existing condition. The ACA creates a baby step toward what this country really needs: a single payer, Medicare-For-All delivery system. Tell us your health care story and push back against anyone who tells you the ACA should be repealed. Continue reading

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Robert Koehler: His Writings Touch Our Soul and Conscience

Robert Koehler’s writings remind us all of the two words often missing from today’s conversations: conscience and soul. Two major defining characteristics of the human condition. We are honored to feature him as this month’s Progressive Profile. Continue reading

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