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Hidden Headlines of Hope

Tom Steyer is taking his ‘Need To Impeach’ campaign to town halls across the country. “Only patriotic Americans – not an individual party – will make the difference,” he said. “We’re trying to organize so both parties hear this is what the American people want. We’re looking at this as straight-up patriotism, not partisanship.” Continue reading

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Stop The Madness: Vote

We’ve flipped the calendar to February. Slowly but surely, we’ll get to November 6, 2018. It may still seem a far off date, but boy are we ready for it! Who among us isn’t tired of the daily chaos inflicted … Continue reading

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You Learn Something New Every Day

We invite you to find out more about this marvelous woman who was literally on the front lines of reporting for the majority of the 20th century. A reminder of the vital need for real journalism and investigative journalism in our world today. Our look at Clare Hollingworth. Continue reading

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Remembering History To Build ‘A New Journalism For A New Age’

Wendell Potter spent his career helping corporate America lie to protect profits. Now, he’s on the other side, launching Tarbell to give Americans a voice in a political debate dominated by special interests. Find out how you can support his efforts. Continue reading

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A Sense of Place: Mike McCabe Runs For Wisconsin Governor

“We have to challenge the political forces that have made the system the way it is today,” said Mike McCabe as he made the announcement of his candidacy for Wisconsin governor from his family farm in rural Wisconsin. Find out more about his people powered campaign to make government work for all the people and not just a few power brokers. Continue reading

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Hope For A Depressed Nation: Then & Now

The legacy of FDR’s most popular New Deal program — the CCC lives on in every state in the nation. A look back on how we had leadership who directed us to preserve our environment and offered “hope for a depressed nation.” A reminder that serves us well today. Continue reading

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Single Payer: We’ve Tried The Rest; Now, Let’s Try The Best

Katy Bar The Door: We’re Coming For Single Payer. It’s as obvious as the nose on your face. Single Payer has been and always will be the only answer to our fractured U.S. health care delivery system. We are ready to join the rest of the educated countries on this planet to ensure health care as a human right. People Not Profits. Continue reading

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Our Shared Humanity: Can We See Ourselves In Today’s Refugee Crisis?

Can we see our shared humanity when we look into the eyes of those who are suffering in refugee camps? That’s the question Dave Dvorak asks — and sings about — after returning from serving as a volunteer physician helping those displaced by bombs and war. Read more about his incredible journey, how you can support these efforts, and to remember that no one chooses to be a refugee. Continue reading

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At A Loss For Words

As we close out 2016 we find ourselves at a loss for words…so much is turned upside down and inside out. What more can be said that hasn’t already been said by prophetic voices in the recent and not-so-recent past. We defer to the wisdom voices we have talked to or featured since this journey began in hopes they keep you inspired in 2017. Continue reading

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A Wrong Turn Took Us Down Progressive Memory Lane

An unexpected turn down an Illinois highway brought us to the home of one of America’s greatest progressive voices. Read about our surprise stop and remember with us when the words “public servant” were used to describe the leaders of our political parties. Continue reading

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