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Cesar Chavez: Movie Helps Remind Us Of Our Proud Progressive Past

With the release of the movie “Cesar Chavez” on March 28, we have the chance to recount the great progressive lives that shaped the better parts of our American history. When we forget these great progressives who fought for economic and social justice we lose the heart and soul of who we are as a people and a nation. Continue reading

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Minnesota Peace Project: A Model For All 50 States

The Minnesota Peace Project works diligently with its state’s Congressional delegation to help affect change and move us to a more peaceful and non-violent world. Peace is a non-partisan issue and the group has effectively used the art of listening as they work with Democratic and Republican representatives. “We don’t assume anything about anyone,” said MPP co-founder Roxanne Abbas. Continue reading

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Single Payer: It Remains The Only Answer

The enrollment deadline is nearing for the Affordable Care Act (March 31, 2014). Although the ACA takes us one small step toward improving our for-profit health care delivery system, single payer remains the only answer. We here at Wisdom Voices will continue to tell the stories and provide the “facts and stats” that help move us toward that reality. We begin by connecting with David Dvorak, a member of Physicians For A National Health Plan (PNHP). Continue reading

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Protesting Keystone: We Do It Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

We held vigils across the country to protest continued construction of the Keystone Pipeline. We did it because it simply is the right thing to do and because we are running out of time to save our planet. Continue reading

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David Bender: Traveling The Long & Winding Progressive Road

David Bender has walked the walk and the talk of the American Progressive Movement for more than 40 years. We kick off our 2014 Progressive Profiles with a “must read” interview in which he articulates an historical perspective as well as discussing his newest venture, Progressive Continue reading

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Our Hope For Peace in 2014

Recently, the world’s most famous Jesuit offered a message from Rome in anticipation of the church’s world day of peace celebration on January 1. In it he reminds us: “Fraternity is an essential human quality, for we are relational beings. … Continue reading

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The ACA, Pope Francis & Me

Add me to the list of Affordable Care Act “success stories” now being heralded throughout the land. But as I navigated my state’s healthcare exchange to find access to affordable care, I couldn’t help but hear Pope Francis’ recent words as I realized we have left so many “on the fringes.” Continue reading

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My Junk Insurance Policy Cancelled? I Jumped For Joy

This is what a Junk Insurance policy cancellation notice looks like. I jumped for joy when I received mine. I believe that for a great majority of people who forced the noise machine chorus of “you promised I could keep … Continue reading

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Connections That Work: Mercy Killers Makes California Run For Single Payer

Great things happen when the right connections are made. Look what two incredible people are doing to promote single payer in California—once they were connected. A great play. A great cause. Find out where it’s playing in California. Continue reading

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The Continual Struggle For A ‘Living Wage’

The struggle continues today to bring “A Living Wage” to workers. In 1906 John Ryan became a strong and ardent advocate for a living wage and distributive justice. If he were alive today, his deeply researched writing could be tweeted simply: @Living Wage. Greed benefits no one. Read more about this passionate progressive who fought off those of our last Gilded Age. Our November Progressive Profile: Rev. John Ryan. Continue reading

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