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September Profile: Stewart Acuff

“I know that as bad as it may seem today, and it may get worse, there will be a time when good people, average people, unite and turn it around,” said veteran union organizer Stewart Acuff. His insightful views on today’s labor movement and our democracy are featured in this month’s Progressive Profie. Continue reading

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A Few Random Thoughts From Madison

I decided to make a somewhat spontaneous trip to Madison to check out the First Democracy Convention that ran August 24-28.  Hats off to Ben Manski, the Executive Director for Liberty Tree for all the work involved to create and … Continue reading

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This Is The Issue; There Are No Other Issues

Free Speech For People is fighting for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. John Bonifaz, executive director, explains why this is critical to preserving our democracy. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Is The Real Source for Hope and Change

Forward is the only way progressives can go and Wisconsin shows us how. The state senate recall elections are August 9. Continue reading

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