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Go Ahead Supreme Court — Make Your Ruling

Whatever the U.S. Supreme Court decides on the individual mandate and health exchanges, citizens are ready, willing and able to change our broken health care system into something that is “people-centric” vs. corporate, for-profit controlled. Continue reading

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The Advancement Project

There are few organizations who are doing more than The Advancement Project to fight back against Republican-controlled state legislatures trying to push voter photo ID laws.  Their web site is full of research-based information that documents these attacks as being … Continue reading

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The Advancement Project: On The Front Lines of the Voter ID Battle

Voter photo ID laws laws are part of comprehensive campaign to deny the vote to millions for partisan gain – essentially sacrificing the health of our democracy to win elections. So says Judith Browne Dianis, co-director of The Advancement Project. Read our interview with her in Wisdom Voices Spotlight to learn more about this issue and how to fight back against this assault on our democracy. Continue reading

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They’re Back: Those Wonderful People In Wisconsin Who Will Not Give Up

Those incredible people in Wisconsin continue to inspire us and show us what democracy looks like. They were back to mark the anniversary of Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union legislation and to look forward to the recall election in June. Continue reading

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