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March Profile: Dorothy Day

The recent protests and demonstrations that began in Wisconsin in mid February prompted us to profile Dorothy Day in March. Dorothy Day, co-founder (with Peter Maurin) of The Catholic Worker newspaper and the Catholic Worker movement, integrated her faith with social action. She is widely regarded for her work as a social justice and peace advocate. Continue reading

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Staying Inspired

I woke up this morning feeling as though I had a hangover (no, I was not drinking last night).  But my head hurt and my heart ached.  What’s happened in my native state of Wisconsin has evoked in me the … Continue reading

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‘This is What Democracy Looks Like’: A Visit to Madison

We are native Wisconsinites.  We have a daughter currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Madison is a five-hour drive from where we live, so this past weekend, my husband and I drove to visit our daughter and … Continue reading

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A Question of The Heart: What’s Really Afoot in Wisconsin?

Perhaps it’s time to take the discussion of what’s happening in Wisconsin and the nation to a deeper level. To date, Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to claim that his budget repair bill is about fiscal matters has been debunked and … Continue reading

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