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Minnesota Peace Project: A Model For All 50 States

The Minnesota Peace Project works diligently with its state’s Congressional delegation to help affect change and move us to a more peaceful and non-violent world. Peace is a non-partisan issue and the group has effectively used the art of listening as they work with Democratic and Republican representatives. “We don’t assume anything about anyone,” said MPP co-founder Roxanne Abbas. Continue reading

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Single Payer: It Remains The Only Answer

The enrollment deadline is nearing for the Affordable Care Act (March 31, 2014). Although the ACA takes us one small step toward improving our for-profit health care delivery system, single payer remains the only answer. We here at Wisdom Voices will continue to tell the stories and provide the “facts and stats” that help move us toward that reality. We begin by connecting with David Dvorak, a member of Physicians For A National Health Plan (PNHP). Continue reading

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Protesting Keystone: We Do It Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

We held vigils across the country to protest continued construction of the Keystone Pipeline. We did it because it simply is the right thing to do and because we are running out of time to save our planet. Continue reading

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