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Vibrant (Local) Progressive Talk Radio: One Voice Helping To Keep It Strong

AM950, The Progressive Voice of Minnesota provides a strong presence in progressive radio today and its morning show host Matt McNeil has developed a solid listener base as he blends the right mix of local and national conversations that engage and educate listeners. “I’m not a wonk, but I care about local issues because it affects us all.” Continue reading

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Who’s Talking Single Payer? A Lot of People and Organizations

So who’s talking about single payer these days? If you look closely, it seems like a lot of folks and organizations. Don’t think for an instant that the push for single payer has left the discussion about health care reform. In the post-ACA implementation world, the voices calling for sanity in our health care delivery system are stronger than ever. Continue reading

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The More Things Change…

100 years ago we were arguing about the same social and political topics as we are today. The more things change, the more they stay the same? And through it all there have been proud progressive voices to counter those who spoke of fear and absolute truths. Find out more about the person who said, “The truest ambition is so to employ life as to be of the greatest service to others.” Take that Ayn Rand. Continue reading

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Can We Realize We’re All In This Together?

Some of us grew up with the concept of “public” as part of our vocabulary. Public roads, public education, public library, public parks. Things we shared as a community and a society. We’ve lost that notion over the years. Today, “the commons” is what we reference. Whatever we call it, can we now begin to turn the conversation back to “we” instead of just “me?” Continue reading

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