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The Continual Struggle For A ‘Living Wage’

The struggle continues today to bring “A Living Wage” to workers. In 1906 John Ryan became a strong and ardent advocate for a living wage and distributive justice. If he were alive today, his deeply researched writing could be tweeted simply: @Living Wage. Greed benefits no one. Read more about this passionate progressive who fought off those of our last Gilded Age. Our November Progressive Profile: Rev. John Ryan. Continue reading

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More Than…Less Than…Or One Of

A wise Jesuit—no not Pope Francis (Jesuits have a long tradition of nurturing wisdom) once asked: When you walk into a room of people do you think of yourself as more than the rest of the group?  Less than the … Continue reading

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Donna Smith: Pushing For The Real Health Care Victory of Single Payer

It’s October 2013 and finally the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) state exchanges are up and running. What better time to begin the work for what’s really needed—a single payer health care system for the United States. We are delighted to offer the wisdom of Donna Smith, from Health Care for All Colorado, who is one of the strongest advocates for such a system. Continue reading

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