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He spoke for the disaffected, the impoverished, and the excluded

One of my true heroes was born today (November 20, 1925).  Although far from perfect – like all of us – his genuine compassion for people and his belief that government could make a positive difference is people’s lives has … Continue reading

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Thank You: The Best Response

It’s taken me a day or two to just drink in the beauty of what happened here in Minnesota on Election Day 2012.  Lost in all the (legitimate) whoops and hollers of joy that resonated nation-wide, we here in Minnesota … Continue reading

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How Does One ‘Recount’ Ballots Cast On Paperless Systems?: A Disaster Waiting To Happen

Who votes, how we vote and how we count the votes cast has been a huge piece of this year’s election news cycle. We owe it to ourselves and our notion of democracy to see that the conversation continues after November 6. As we move deeper into 21st century technology, paper ballots remain the one hope we have of ensuring an accurate vote tally. Continue reading

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ALEC: Alive and Well and Pushing Voter Suppression In Minnesota

I have spent the greater part of my free time this summer and fall speaking to groups and anyone who would listen about the horrible constitutional amendment on voter suppression we here in Minnesota will have on our ballots on … Continue reading

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One Of The Proudest Progressives To Have Ever Lived

We lost one of the greatest progressive voices of our lifetime when George McGovern died last month. He was one of 23 individuals featured in our book Wisdom of Progressive Voices. We fondly look back on this great American hero. Continue reading

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