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Embracing Moral Mondays 7 Days A Week

For me, watching Bill Moyers’ PBS Frontline “Two American Families” on July 9 brought me to tears. This was literally my neighborhood. I grew up in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood, which is where the Stanleys, one of the two families … Continue reading

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ACA Implementation: Getting The Word Out

It just shouldn’t be this difficult. I keep coming back to that thought every time I take another step down the road leading to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation. The employer mandate aside, for individuals without insurance (like me), … Continue reading

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July Progressive Profile: Remembering The Power of One Woman

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis channels the history and power of Ida Tarbell. More than 100 years ago, Tarbell mesmerized the nation with her “muckraking” journalism which exposed the corruption behind John D. Rockefeller’s rise to power. She is our July Progressive Profile. Continue reading

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