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A Reflection On Earth Day Founder Gaylord Nelson: What Would He Have To Say Today?

Today a new generation faces a new set of environmental issues. Fracking. The Keystone Pipeline. Climate Change. But how much different is it really from when Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson shook this country’s environmental conscience? For a look back at Wisconsin’s other governor and great senator, we reconnected with Nelson biographer Bill Christofferson who shared insights and thoughts on this remarkable man. Continue reading

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A Night For Truth Seekers And Hope

Talk show host Mike Malloy keeps hope alive during difficult times in our country. “Civil disobedience is a good tool to use. It helps reminds yourself you still matter.” Continue reading

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The Back To Work Budget: Learn More And Advocate For It

The Progressive Caucus has introduced a budget that combats the austerity of Paul Ryan and the fallacy that deficits are our biggest problem. The common sense approach of the Back To Work Budget is something we all need to know about and advocate for. Continue reading

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Cindy Young: A Lifetime of Activism and Working For Single Payer

Cindy Young, from Campaign for a Healthy California, has been a labor activist fighting for health care reform for more than 30 years. We profile her current efforts to bring single payer to California — and hopefully the nation. Continue reading

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