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The Blue State Ball: Having Fun, Progressive Style

Last night it was just plain fun to be a progressive.  It was the 9th annual Blue State Ball here in Minnesota and progressives from every corner of the state gathered in Minneapolis to celebrate the diversity and inner joy … Continue reading

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July Profile: Wendell Potter

Wendell Potter is one of the few today who have the inside knowledge and understanding of just how the health insurance industry is able to manipulate the messaging and therefore the general public’s lack of understanding to what’s going on within the for-profit health insurance industry. His ‘wisdom voice’ provides great insights for all of us. Continue reading

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Wisconsin’s Final Recall Hours: From Jackson Browne, To Phone Banks, To Voting

Tuesday will hopefully bring an end to Scott Walker and his Wisconsin-tradition busting. It won’t be easy. Those who grab power through lies and deceit never go quietly into the night. The Wisconsin recall is about so much more than unions. Continue reading

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Wisconsin’s Marathon Race: How Will It End?

The Wisconsin marathon race is nearing conclusion. How will it turn out? Can David take down Goliath? Hang on for the roller coaster ride of the next two weeks. Continue reading

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We Once Gathered 20 Million Strong To Protect The Environment

April is the time to reflect on and highlight the work of those who are fighting to keep environmental issues front-and-center. It’s a time to look back on when we gathered 20 million strong for the first Earth Day as well as to look ahead at the work that still needs to be done. Check back all month for more stories and features. Continue reading

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Go Ahead Supreme Court — Make Your Ruling

Whatever the U.S. Supreme Court decides on the individual mandate and health exchanges, citizens are ready, willing and able to change our broken health care system into something that is “people-centric” vs. corporate, for-profit controlled. Continue reading

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March Profile: Eugene V. Debs

As we await a spring revival of the Occupy Movement, a look back at the life and times of Eugene V. Debs reminds us that the fight for the 99 percent has long been waged. Read our March Progressive Profile and ask yourself if his words from nearly 100 years ago don’t ring just as true in 2012. Continue reading

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The Walker Recall: A Win For Democracy And Robert LaFollette

Wisconsin has shown us the way on how to save our democracy with the culmination of the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Long live democracy and the work of Robert LaFollette Continue reading

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On The Commons: It’s About ‘We’ Not Just ‘Me’

On the Commons, an organization dedicated to promoting and trumpeting all that we share, is featured in Wisdom Voices Spotlight. Learn more about this incredible organization reminding us that not everything in life is measured by a price tag or its market value. Continue reading

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January 2012: Lena Taylor

With the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker due soon, it’s good to reflect back on the events of a year ago to understand how and why this recall is happening. Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor, one of the ‘Wisconsin 14’ remembers back to those historic days in February 2011. Continue reading

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