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Who’s Talking Single Payer? A Lot of People and Organizations

So who’s talking about single payer these days? If you look closely, it seems like a lot of folks and organizations. Don’t think for an instant that the push for single payer has left the discussion about health care reform. In the post-ACA implementation world, the voices calling for sanity in our health care delivery system are stronger than ever. Continue reading

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Single Payer: It Remains The Only Answer

The enrollment deadline is nearing for the Affordable Care Act (March 31, 2014). Although the ACA takes us one small step toward improving our for-profit health care delivery system, single payer remains the only answer. We here at Wisdom Voices will continue to tell the stories and provide the “facts and stats” that help move us toward that reality. We begin by connecting with David Dvorak, a member of Physicians For A National Health Plan (PNHP). Continue reading

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Donna Smith: Pushing For The Real Health Care Victory of Single Payer

It’s October 2013 and finally the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) state exchanges are up and running. What better time to begin the work for what’s really needed—a single payer health care system for the United States. We are delighted to offer the wisdom of Donna Smith, from Health Care for All Colorado, who is one of the strongest advocates for such a system. Continue reading

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