Many Hands Make Light Work

Our friends at Health Care For All Minnesota need our help. This fabulous group has been working tirelessly to bring single payer to the Land of 10,000 Lakes and as we approach the 2015 legislative session in Minnesota, we are within reach of bringing about legislation to do that (the State 1332 innovation waiver to the Affordable Care Act).

Health Care For All MinnesotaBut like many who fight the good fight for social and economic justice, there are times when the funds to keep going become strained. Now is one of those times. They need our help. We here at Wisdom Voices Press would like to offer our support while providing you with a gift for your donation.

For every book of Wisdom of Progressive Voices ordered from our website through Labor Day weekend, we will donate $10 (the offer includes free shipping) to HCAMn. All you have to do is place the order and you will receive a copy of a book that reminds us all of our proud progressive history — and you’ll be supporting the efforts of those pushing for single payer. We may not all be able to donate $100 or $50. But when we all do a small part; we can reach bigger goals.

Jim Hightower said of the book: “When you are weary, when you are beaten down by the forces of intolerance, injustice and ignorance….pick up Wisdom of  Progressive Voices, for the words of these  gifted, courageous men and women will lift you up.  They will help you get back into action, fighting for the progressive way.”

Let’s get behind the efforts of those doing the every-day work to make health care for all a reality. Please consider buying a book by clicking here and supporting those efforts.

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