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We Reap What We Sow: The ‘Stupidity of Evil’

Education has always inspired fear among those who want to keep the existing distributions of power and wealth as they are.” – Howard Zinn I’m not sure we can write anything better to sum up the social and moral tragedy … Continue reading

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From The Ashes…Remembering A Teacher’s Hope

Why on a day when the State of Wisconsin is implementing Right to Work legislation just weeks after gutting public education would I have been rummaging through old documents and found the following hand-written notation from my father, a proud … Continue reading

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Forgetting Our Land Grant Colleges History: Government Does Make Education Work For All Its People

We have forgotten that our Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln knew that federal and state supported public education was the lifeblood of the nation. We look back on the founding of the time-honored tradition of the land grant colleges. We ask those who think the world began with them, who do you think educated those who educated those who educated you? Continue reading

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Are We Teaching Our Kids How to Earn…or How to Think?

What does it mean to be educated? It is as important to prepare the next generation for well-lived lives as well as jobs. Here’s a toast to the importance of a Liberal Arts education.
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