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Labor’s Defiant Lady: Remembering Mother Jones

On Labor Day 2015 we take a look back at the great Mother Jones, who spent most of her life as a union organizer working side-by-side with striking miners, steel workers, and children. It is through efforts of this great woman — and others — that a great American Middle Class was born. Things like the 8-hour work day, the 40-hour work week, and child labor laws didn’t “just happen.” It took literally, blood, sweat, and tears to win what now appears to be slipping away from us again in the 21st Century. Labor Day — a time to remember workers. Continue reading

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An Attorney For The Damned

In the first “Gilded Age” in American history, one lawyer stood up to fight for the people. Known as the “attorney for the damned,” Clarence Darrow built a reputation for himself as a friend of labor and of the downtrodden. His oratory and his philosophy made him known to millions. Find out more about this complex and controversial man, who is our May Progressive Profile. Continue reading

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