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A Time To Remember The Origins Of Bernie 2016

Jim Hightower once referred to Bernie Sanders as “Tim Carpenter with a Brooklyn accent and a Senate seat.” As Bernie 2016 rightfully gains in popularity and poll numbers, now is a good time to remember the origins of all of this. Without Tim Carpenter and Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) starting the idea of “Run Bernie Run” there wouldn’t be this wonderful political revolution happening. Things of this nature don’t “just happen.” There are people who had the wisdom to see the future and believe in the possibilities. Tim Carpenter was such a man. Continue reading

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Progressive Democrats of America: Doing The Everyday Hard Work for The Common Good

PDA Executive Director Tim Carpenter talks about PDA’s “inside and outside” strategy to create a more progressive conversation and government. He reflects back on the past nine years and looks ahead at the work that remains. Continue reading

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