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A Sense of Place: Mike McCabe Runs For Wisconsin Governor

“We have to challenge the political forces that have made the system the way it is today,” said Mike McCabe as he made the announcement of his candidacy for Wisconsin governor from his family farm in rural Wisconsin. Find out more about his people powered campaign to make government work for all the people and not just a few power brokers. Continue reading

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We Once Gathered 20 Million Strong To Protect The Environment

April is the time to reflect on and highlight the work of those who are fighting to keep environmental issues front-and-center. It’s a time to look back on when we gathered 20 million strong for the first Earth Day as well as to look ahead at the work that still needs to be done. Check back all month for more stories and features. Continue reading

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The Walker Recall: A Win For Democracy And Robert LaFollette

Wisconsin has shown us the way on how to save our democracy with the culmination of the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Long live democracy and the work of Robert LaFollette Continue reading

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January 2012: Lena Taylor

With the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker due soon, it’s good to reflect back on the events of a year ago to understand how and why this recall is happening. Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor, one of the ‘Wisconsin 14’ remembers back to those historic days in February 2011. Continue reading

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Fighting Bob Fest North: The Progressive Voice Will Not Be Silenced

I love my native state of Wisconsin.  And I will bear with her as she goes through this schizophrenic part of her history.  As difficult as that may be.  This week was another case in point.  Wisconsin is home to … Continue reading

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