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December Profile: The American People

The progressive voice of the American people became louder and stronger in 2012. Examples abound everywhere and on every topic from voting rights to workers rights. For our December Progressive Profile, we salute the American people — with several examples — of how individuals and organizations are fighting back and reclaiming our proud progressive past. Continue reading

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March Profile: Eugene V. Debs

As we await a spring revival of the Occupy Movement, a look back at the life and times of Eugene V. Debs reminds us that the fight for the 99 percent has long been waged. Read our March Progressive Profile and ask yourself if his words from nearly 100 years ago don’t ring just as true in 2012. Continue reading

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Same Old/Same Old: This Time It’s Minnesota

The scene was all too familiar for someone who was in Madison in February to watch and partake in the demonstrations against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his right wing non-budgetary crisis budget that he was attempting to pass. State … Continue reading

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