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July 4, 2015: We Are Once Again Called To Reclaim Our Democracy

A great Jesuit once asked, “Where is it we think our dead have gone? Do we think they remain buried in the ground, or is their spirit alive with us today?” There can be little argument that Bernie Sanders’ stop in Madison, Wisconsin on July 1, 2015 reverberates with the message of “Fighting Bob” La Follette and his speech from July 4, 1897. Continue reading

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David Bender: Traveling The Long & Winding Progressive Road

David Bender has walked the walk and the talk of the American Progressive Movement for more than 40 years. We kick off our 2014 Progressive Profiles with a “must read” interview in which he articulates an historical perspective as well as discussing his newest venture, Progressive Voices.com. Continue reading

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Staying Engaged and Active: It’s More Important Than Ever

Staying politically active and engaged is more important than ever. With so much going on and so much at stake, democracy needs you. A few examples of easy things you can do. Continue reading

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Best of the Best (Quotes) From 2011

The Voice of ‘We The People’ got stronger and stronger in 2011. Take a look at some of the best of the best of our “wisdom voices” that we featured. They will keep you inspired in 2012. Continue reading

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