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They’re Back: Those Wonderful People In Wisconsin Who Will Not Give Up

Those incredible people in Wisconsin continue to inspire us and show us what democracy looks like. They were back to mark the anniversary of Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union legislation and to look forward to the recall election in June. Continue reading

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The Commons: It Works for All of Us

While interviewing the visionary writer, speaker, storyteller, (and all around nice guy) Jay Walljasper, a fellow of and an editor at OntheCommons.org last week for our Wisdom Voices Spotlight, I thought of one of my favorite sayings: “We are all … Continue reading

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Best of the Best (Quotes) From 2011

The Voice of ‘We The People’ got stronger and stronger in 2011. Take a look at some of the best of the best of our “wisdom voices” that we featured. They will keep you inspired in 2012. Continue reading

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August Profile: Parker J. Palmer

Parker J. Palmer, in his new book “Healing The Heart of Democracy,” discusses how “We The People” can reclaim our role in the democratic experiment of this country. Continue reading

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