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Go Ahead Supreme Court — Make Your Ruling

Whatever the U.S. Supreme Court decides on the individual mandate and health exchanges, citizens are ready, willing and able to change our broken health care system into something that is “people-centric” vs. corporate, for-profit controlled. Continue reading

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The Walker Recall: A Win For Democracy And Robert LaFollette

Wisconsin has shown us the way on how to save our democracy with the culmination of the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Long live democracy and the work of Robert LaFollette Continue reading

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On The Commons: It’s About ‘We’ Not Just ‘Me’

On the Commons, an organization dedicated to promoting and trumpeting all that we share, is featured in Wisdom Voices Spotlight. Learn more about this incredible organization reminding us that not everything in life is measured by a price tag or its market value. Continue reading

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Too Early To Chill The Champagne? Action to Overturn Citizens United Heats Up

Have you noticed the flurry of activity recently centering on activities to amend the Constitution and overturn the Supreme Court Citizens United ruling? Could this really happen soon? Take a look at all the recent activity. Continue reading

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Can Occupy Wall Street Push Us To Single Payer?

A natural extension of the Occupy Wall Street Movement should be Occupy The For-Profit Health Care Corporations. Single Payer remains the answer. Continue reading

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The Movement Is Afoot

There has been so much written in the blogosphere since the Occupy Wall Street Movement started that one’s head could almost literally begin to spin.  I believe most of us are so excited that we can hardly sit still as … Continue reading

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